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5 Electric Vehicles to Own in 2020

top 5 electric cars 2020

Electric vehicles are the future and if you want to ride these vehicles then there’s good news for you. You’re going to have many more options to choose from thanks to different manufacturers launching new models this year.

If you’re struggling to pick one, then have a look at these five options:

Note: USA Prices – exclude state incentives or federal tax credits

#1 – 2019 – KIA NIRO EV

Estimated EPA range: 239 miles // 384 kilometers

Starting as low as $39,545

This car is smooth, quiet, and pleasant. You can also choose a hybrid model of this beauty, but the electric version is pretty kickass.

It comes with excellent safety technology and phone integration. You can also opt to get additional features like a heated steering wheel and ventilated front seats and.

This car is pretty good to drive as well. It’s highly stable and swift and accelerates very quickly. While it looks good, remember that you will have to compromise on cargo space. Also, despite being marketed as a crossover SUV, Kia hasn’t released an all-wheel drive version of this machine.


Estimated EPA range: 210 to 300 miles // 337 to 482 kilometers

Starting as low as $44,995

Expected to debut soon, the Mustang Mach-E has a lot going in its favor. 

Available in all-wheel or rear-wheel drive, this incredibly beautiful and stylish SUV offers an incredible range. You can get powerful machines with 459HP and a 0-60 mph time of just 3.5 seconds. 

This SUV is perfect for the family and offers decent cargo space. The interior is pretty good as well and the USP is Ford’s Sync infotainment system.

#3 – 2020 – TESLA MODEL 3

Estimated EPA range: 250 to 322 miles // 402 to 518 kilometer

Starting as low as $41,190

This car took a little while to build but it’s now out there for you to enjoy. This affordable machine is best suited for those looking to travel long distances thanks to the company’s wide network of chargers.

However, it does have some drawbacks. The touchscreen control interface can be tricky and the machine lacks smartphone integration as well. 

#4 – 2020 – PORSCHE TAYCAN

Estimated EPA range: 201 miles // 332 kilometers

Starting as low as $105,150

Porsche enters this new territory with the Taycan that works both as a regular luxury sedan and a sports car. Some reports suggest that it’s even better than the iconic 911.

You can choose from multiple trim levels. Turbo S with 750HP is the most powerful option. But, we also liked the basic 4S version. 

The interior is pretty good and there’s a good amount of space in the back. 

#5 – 2019 – AUDI E-TRON

Estimated EPA range: 204 miles // 382 kilometers

Starting as low as $75,795

Do not let the range disappoint you, this machine hits the bull’s eye when it comes to other qualities.

It’s quite comfortable to drive thanks to features such as supportive front seats. Acceleration is effortless and the interior is pretty good as well. You will get everything Audi is known for, from luxury features to excellent technology including a cool infotainment system.

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