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Continental Develops Special Tires for EVs

Continental Develops Special Tires for EVs

Ideally, the tires for electric and hybrid vehicles should have minimum weight with the larger weight capacity. At the same time, they have to retain their safe handling features. 

They should also have the common characteristics of a good tire, such as safety on wet roads, less braking distance, and low resistance. The right tires will allow precise steering and maximum mileage, especially for electric vehicles.

The developers at Continental understand that electric cars need special tires to keep them at their best performance. They have taken up the challenge and developed tires that meet the individual requirements of electric cars, buses, and trucks.

Back in 2012, the company developed its first tire for electric vehicles, the Conti.eCOntact. Other model series followed, including the popular EcoContact that provides safe performance for hybrid and electric drives.

Continental also produces tires for commercial vehicles such as the Conti Urban HA3 for electric buses. At the 2018 IAA, the company presented the Conti e.MotionPro tire. It is specially designed for electric trucks with a striking blue stripe on the sidewall and blue grooves on the tread.

Even though the tread pattern and outward design on each tire might not be similarly extraordinary, they are specifically designed for electric vehicles. They boast special properties of low rolling resistance and high load capacity. 

Since electric cars are quieter than the regular models, Continental equips these tires with the ContiSilent technology. They have a foam inlay that makes them almost inaudible.

Almost all these special tires are original equipment versions. They have the mandatory and standard information joined by OE marking embossed into the sidewall.

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