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Free Renault’s for everyone in a French town

Free Renault’s for everyone in a French town

French multinational automobile manufacturer Groupe Renault gifted free electric cars to the whole town of Appy in France

The residents of this small town can get Renault Zoe on a free three-year lease. The company aims to prove that electric vehicles are as practical for rural drivers as for city inhabitants. 

All the owners have to do is share their experiences of the EV ownership with Renault. The manufacturer believes that this initiative will help them observe how customers incorporate electric vehicles in their daily lives. 

They also believe that EVs are not just made for urban roads. Hence, with its 245 miles of range, the Renault Zoe can meet the requirements of rural drivers similar to the conventional gas-powered engines.

To compensate for the lack of charging stations in the town, Renault has also set up local charging stations and provided the participants with home chargers. 

The idea is to make things easier for EV owners and prove that any town, even as isolated as Appy, can switch to electric vehicles. They also hoped to bust the myths about running EVs for good.

People who are not among Appy residents can still get Renault EVs at a low price or free. Apart from that, the German government offers substantial subsidies to car owners if they go electric. 

Similarly, France gives a 7,000-euro incentive, which means the people can lease a Zoe for as low as 79 euros a month.

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