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Most Buyers Enjoy Electric Vehicles

Most Buyers Enjoy Electric Vehicles

If you’re thinking about getting an e-vehicle, then AAA has some good news for you. According to a report published by AAA, owning an electric vehicles costs only about $600 more (per year) than owning a conventional car.

This is very important because EV’s are considered a lot more expensive to own than traditional cars.

What Does the Report Say

According to the report, most EV owners were not sure about purchasing their first electric vehicle. Most had concerns such as a lack of charging stations and inability to cover long distances. While the number of EVs on the road is gradually increasing, some buyers are still apprehensive of investing in an EV due to such concerns.

“Although 40 million Americans have shown interest in buying electric for their next car, actual adoption is happening at a much slower rate,” says the report.

But There’s Good News

The report covers how the overall sentiment turns positive once buyers start to drive the vehicle. Here are some of the major findings:

  • 71 percent were first time buyers and hadn’t owned an electric vehicle in the past
  • 96 percent of buyers say that they’d lease or buy another EV.
  • 78 percent of buyers still own a gasoline car
  • About 87 percent of buyers with both types of vehicles prefer to drive EVs
  • 43 percent of owners drive more now that they have an electric vehicle
  • New owners drive about 39 miles per day
  • About 95 percent of owners say that they’ve never run out of charge while on the road.

A very important point the report covered is a lack of need for public charging stations since only 25% of buyers needed to charge a car outside and most of the charging can be done at home.

The report also highlights how electric cars are getting cheaper to run. You need to spend about $546 per year to run an electric vehicle for about 15,000 miles. On the other hand, you will have to spend about $1,255 on a traditional vehicle to cover the same distance. 

In addition to this, traditional vehicles are harder and more expensive to maintain. Electric cars cost $330 less to maintain since they don’t require such things as oil changes.

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